The Paws of Plainville Animal Shelter just rescued 30 cats — 27 of them kittens — from a colony in Rehobeth. They all have a variety of medical problems including: ringworm, coccidia, fleas, mites, worms, malnourishment, dermatitis, upper respiratory infections, eye infections, severe hair loss and FIV.

Moss was the most severe case and although she is around 8 weeks old she is only about half the size she should be, was hypothermic and hypoglycemic and had to be rushed to Tufts where she spent 4 very uncertain days.

Thank you in advance for donating to save the lives of these helpless kitties and thank you to everyone who has been donating to us the past couple of weeks!!! We are all set with Kitten Chow right now but could still use Fancy Feast wet kitten Food and Yesterday's News paper litter.

The unexpected addition of this colony to our shelter has more than doubled the number of cats that we usually have in our care and put a severe financial strain on our small, privately run shelter. We have received a lot of much-needed donations of food from our generous supporters and that is greatly appreciated. While we continue to need donations of kitten food we are also desperately in need of monetary donations to help pay for the extensive medical costs to get these kittens and mama cats healthy. Donations can be made by check to Paws of Plainville, Inc. P.O. Box 2236, Plainville, MA 02762 or through our website via PayPal.

All of the people who donate will be receiving a thank you letter from us provided you have given us your name and address; however, please be patient with us as the treatment of these cats has taken up most of our time. If you donated but forgot to leave contact information you can send it to us via email.

We are also in need of more volunteers and fosters if anyone is interested. We particularly need volunteers on Sunday and Monday mornings and Saturday nights. Volunteers must be 16 years old and community service hours can be earned for high school and college students....




We are looking forward to posting "After" pictures once all the kittens are healthy again.


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Latest photos of Moss and Sprout:

Latest photos of Breeze, Fern, Leaf and Sandy:

January 2014 photos of the Rehobeth kitties: