Paws of Plainville, Inc.

In 1998, a group of twelve Plainville residents, concerned about the welfare of the growing homeless cat population in the local area, came together and formed the organization known as Paws of Plainville, Inc. The group established itself as a nonprofit organization that same year. The Paws of Plainville group’s mission has been to humanely reduce the homeless cat population through a humane trap-neuter-release (TNR) program. (See our TNR section for more information.)

The Paws of Plainville, Inc. TNR program was established to primarily limit the reproduction of local feral cat colonies. However, feral cats are just one piece of the homeless cat population problem; stray, lost and abandoned cats are also contributors to the homeless cat population. Over the years Paws of Plainville, Inc. has been proactive in educating the people on the importance of spaying/neutering their pet cats as well as on general proper cat care. The group has worked with people to help prevent the issues that would lead to a lost or abandoned cat. One of the reasons Paws of Plainville, Inc. is backing the effort for the new animal shelter is because the shelter will provide a location where people can surrender a cat or possibly find their lost cat. It will be a place where lost, surrendered or abandoned animals can get off the streets and into a safe and caring environment.

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In fiscal year 2009, we rescued/TNR’d 105 cats.

Our Successes!

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