Our Mission Statement

The primary reason for an animal shelter, and its efforts, is to reduce the homeless pet population and to prevent cruelty to animals. The members of Paws of Plainville, Inc., have experienced firsthand the need for an animal shelter in this area during the many years that this nonprofit organization has been in operation. The group also understands the legal and financial implications for municipalities with regards to building and operating such a facility. Therefore, Paws of Plainville, Inc. sponsored the creation of a new, independent nonprofit entity to be known as the 4 Paws Animal Shelter, Inc. The goal of this new organization is to build, operate and maintain a regional animal shelter to serve the needs of homeless domestic pets in the immediate area, giving emphasis to the host towns. The initial host towns are anticipated to be Plainville and Wrentham, MA. At present, these two towns do not have such a facility. However, to build one takes many, many years.

In the meantime, Paws of Plainville, Inc. has established a temporary shelter to address the homeless cat population as the number of cats in need far exceeds the number of dogs in need. This is largely due to the fantastic strides of dog rescue and related legislation (such as licensing of dogs) in the New England states.

The Town of Plainville has graciously agreed to provide our shelter with space but due to its constrained budget, it cannot provide any funds to operate the facility. With donations, fundraising and an all volunteer effort, we were able to get the shelter up and running in August of 2010. Paws of Plainville, Inc. expressly extends its deep gratitude to all of the local vendors and contractors who donated their time, services and materials. Please visit our Thank You tab for a list of these vendors and let them know you appreciate their support too!

Kudos also goes to the Town of Plainville for recognizing the benefits of having this shelter in place. It has been beneficial is so many ways to both the pets and the residents alike. For example, it provides education on pet ownership; it offers referrals for low cost spay/neuter clinics; it provides a place for seniors and teens to gain self-worth and exercise through volunteering; and of course, it provides a safe haven for cats in need, such as lost and stray pets. The shelter also takes in pets that are surrendered, with preference given to residents of the host towns, for those that may have to surrender for reasons such as death of an owner, economic hardship, etc. Finally, the shelter provides one resource for residents to find or record a lost pet. It even has enhanced the job of the animal control officer with a support staff of volunteers to care and adopt out animals. These are just a few examples of the many invaluable resources and services that an animal shelter can offer to its surrounding community.

The critical factor in bringing success to this project is that the community (both the businesses and residents alike) must support it. It is a community project in every way: one that is built by the community, maintained by the community, used by the community and truly an asset that the community can be proud to have as part of its infrastructure.

Please join us in this mission. Please support this shelter in any way you can.

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We are a no-kill shelter dedicated to saving animals.