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PLEASE NOTE: Our phone number has changed to (508) 576-8990.


Although kitten season has begun, please be aware that our kittens are all in foster care and are not housed at the shelter.

10 Hair & Nails

10 Hair and Nails salon in Plainville recently had a very successful fundraiser on our behalf. This wonderful group of people routinely support us. Thank you all! Please make an appointment there and say Paws of Plainville sent you!


Courage — We will never give up hope



    It is essential to the health and safety of your cat, that they be kept indoors only. However, should your cat go missing, EVERY moment counts! Do NOT wait and hope your cat returns before taking action! Please follow these steps:
    • Search the perimeter of your home, under bushes and structures. A scared cat will want to hide.Alert your neighbors
    • IMMEDIATELY, that same day....Call your local Animal Control Officer
    • Call your local shelter, Paws of Plainville (508-576-8990). The shelter has experienced staff that can help you safely trap your cat. Or someone may have turned in your cat.
    • Post your cat's photo, the location from which it went missing and your contact information on Facebook (if possible), or other social media forums
    • Create posters and post them around your neighborhood and adjacent areas
    • Finally, don't give up too soon.
    • Take pictures and note when you first saw the cat
    • As quickly as possible, ask your neighbors if it belongs to them
    • IMMEDIATELY, call your local Animal Control Officer
    • Please do NOT touch an animal you do not know; but try to safely assess the cat from a safe distance. When you do contact officials, you'll be able to give them a quick bit of info: Is it friendly? Does it seem sick? Is it wounded? Does it have kittens with it? This will give officials a sense of the urgency at hand
    • Feed the animal, if possible, to keep it around until it can be tended to by officials.

Donations Are Always Appreciated

Items from our wishlist are always needed. We have an online wishlist registry at Amazon that enables you to order items online and have them shipped directly to us.

We are currently in particular need of Purina kitten chow and Fancy Feast wet kitten food.


The love bundles pictured below are looking to join your family.
(Click on any picture below to go to a page with additional photos and each cat's story.)
If you are interested in meeting any of the cats waiting for a home, please call (508) 576-8990
(leave a message if need be!).


Pet PicturePet PicturePet PicturePet Picture

It’s not the quiet ones we worry about, it’s the quiet ones we carefully listen to. Handsome, stoic, regal, smart, and thoughtful. These are all the words that describe the great literary character Atticus Finch, and also why he is the namesake of our Atticus. Our Atticus mirrors the man. Stand in the presence of Atticus, and consider yourself honored.

Atticus is estimated to be 8 years old. He has been neutered, combo tested negative and is current on all standard vaccinations.

If you would like to meet Atticus or our other adoptable cats or kittens, please call (508) 576-8990 (leave a message if need be!).

Paws of Plainville, Inc. is dedicated to helping the homeless cats in the local area. We are an all volunteer, nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible and can be sent to P.O. Box 2236, Plainville, MA 02762. For more information, please visit us here and like us on Facebook.

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Up-Coming Fundraisers


Rather than having can/bottle drives, Paws of Plainville has set up an account with the Horace Mann Educational Associates (HMEA) Recycling Center at 1 George Street # 4/5, Plainville, MA 02762, (508) 695-1889. You can go in and turn in your cans and bottles at your convenience and ask that the money be put towards the Paws account.

With one act, your recycling will help the environment, you will be helping to provide meaningful work and wages to individuals with disabilities and you will be providing funds that will help us continue to feed and care for cats in need.

We depend on independent contributions from people like you so please consider helping us by making a donation through PayPal. Click the "Donate" button below to proceed.

Any amount helps and the animals are extremely grateful. If you would prefer not to use PayPal:

Paws of Plainville, Inc.
P.O. Box 2236
Plainville MA 02762

All donors will be acknowledged.

Adopt-A-Pet Logo

Click on the logo to see our cats at

Adopt-A-Pet Logo

Click on this logo to see our cats at

Adopting From Us
  • Our adoption fee for a kitten under 6 months of age is $140 for the first one and $120 for the second one. For cats 6 months and over is $140 for the first cat and $125 for the second one (effective 1 May 2015).
  • You must provide proof that you have spayed or neutered the adopted animal pursuant to the terms of the adoption contract (for animals that are not already spayed or neutered). If the shelter is unable to spay or neuter the animal prior to adoption (in cases of kittens who are too young at the time of adoption), the shelter charges a State-mandated $40 spay/neuter deposit be paid at the time of adoption, which is refundable upon receipt upon proof of the spay/neuter. The shelter can provide referrals for low cost spay/neuter clinics. Ask your adoption counselor for more information.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • If you rent where you are living, you must have a copy of your lease or written permission from your landlord stating that you have permission to have a cat living on the premises. If you live with your parents or other relatives that are the property owner then you need written permission from them or they need to sign the adoption contract. Having this paperwork with you while filling out the adoption application can greatly reduce the processing time.
  • You must complete both sides of the adoption form and answer all questions.  Our adoption counselors will evaluate the information on the form and will speak with you about your responses.  Please be patient this process may take several days.
  • All adoptions must be approved by at least two of our adoption counselors.
  • Adoptions are done on Saturday mornings and all required adoption fees must be paid in full at the time of adoption.
  • We will provide all medical information that is known about the animal. You become responsible for any veterinarian bills once the animal has been adopted.
  • If for any reason, you cannot keep the adopted animal, you must return the animal to the Paws of Plainville Animal Shelter.
Adoption Comments
  • Applicants are not able to take the animals home immediately.
  • Adoptions counselors need to evaluate the application and make sure it is a good fit with the needs and temperament of the animal in question.
  • It typically takes several days to process an adoption application. 
  • Please be patient; we want the best for both the humans and the animal.