Our Foster Care Program

Each year our organization takes in many cats and kittens. Sometimes the temporary placement of a cat/kitten into a home environment is preferable for an animal in our care, which is why we have developed a foster program. Some need socialization and some need special care and treatment. Other times a cat may be requiring medical treatment or recovery that requires particular attention.

General Fostering Information

The goal of the Foster Program is to assist cats and increase their chances for adoption. The program requires that people provide a nurturing, clean environment in their home where the foster animal can receive the care it needs to mature, heal, or socialize. This critical step can dramatically improve the chances for the foster pet to find and adapt to a loving forever home. Some cats may need regular interaction and stimulation while others may just need peace and quiet during their stay. The time required for fostering varies depending on the cat's issues and the age; it can be as short as one week or could last for many months. We provide the food, supplies and medical care.

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Foster homes are a vital extension of our shelter.

The Benefits Of Fostering

The Foster Program is a critical addition to and extension of our shelter. It also provides a great opportunity and a rewarding way for you to help an animal in need. It is beneficial for both the foster family and the foster animal in many ways:


    You will learn the basics of caring for a cat or kitten and about their physical and emotional needs; the foster cat will learn a new environment can be a happy, healthy, and safe place.
  • FUN:

    Playtime and affection are key elements that a foster family provides to a foster cat’s care. Foster family members and foster cats interact, play, snuggle and enjoy each other’s company. Healthy for both!

    Both foster family and foster cat will meet new people and/or other pets.

    The foster family will interact with a new cat “personality” and gain insight into how that cat communicates, learns and behaves. The foster cat will most certainly learn the same too about the foster humans!

Is Fostering Right For You?

There are many things to consider when taking on a foster cat/kitten.  You will need to discuss the requirements with a shelter adoption counselor, but here are a few requirements to consider when deciding if fostering is right for you.

  • You will need to plan to visit the shelter to meet with the adoption counselors and discuss matching you with an appropriate foster cat.
  • Foster families will be committed to the daily care of the cat during the foster period.
  • Home checks will be required to insure that the foster home is suitable for the prospective foster cat.
  • All existing animals in the foster home must be up to date on vaccines.
  • Every family member in the foster household will need to be prepared for the commitment and emotional aspects involved with fostering.
  • Foster families will need to dedicate the time to make frequent visits to the shelter if, and when needed.

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience that requires a real commitment. The emotional demands of fostering can be difficult and should be seriously discussed with all family members. It is easy to fall in love with any animal that comes to stay in your home and it can be difficult to see them leave for their new forever home. The gratifying and heartwarming part of fostering is knowing that you played a tremendous and critical role in the process of getting the animal to that forever home. Foster families help our shelter give better care for more animals. To learn more about this program, please email us at pawsofplainville@comcast.net or call (508) 695-4707.